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SplineEQ, a spline-
based linear phase
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Spiral, a musical
spectrum analyser.

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The Photosounder 1.11.2 Demo lets you use all the features of Photosounder 1.11.2, except the ability to export your work to a sound file (however you are allowed to save your projects to file). It also plays a short silence every twelve seconds in the place of the sound you're playing. This demo includes a few example images and sounds to get you started, as well as the full user guide detailing the use of the program.

Download Photosounder 1.11.2 Demo for Windows

Download Photosounder 1.11.2 Demo for macOS

You can also find previous releases here :

Download Photosounder 1.11.2 for Windows

Download Photosounder 1.11.2 for macOS

Download Photosounder 1.11.1 for Windows

Download Photosounder 1.11.1 for macOS

Download Photosounder 1.11 for Windows

Download Photosounder 1.11 for macOS

Download Photosounder 1.10.1 for Windows

Download Photosounder 1.10.1 for macOS

Download Photosounder 1.10 for Windows

Download Photosounder 1.10 for macOS

Download Photosounder 1.9.5 for Windows

Download Photosounder 1.9.5 for macOS

If you already own the full version of Photosounder you need to download it using the link you received by e-mail. If you lost the link please submit your e-mail address below to receive the link again.

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What to do on macOS 10.15+ after downloading Photosounder

Apple will make this disingenuous message go away if I pay a $99/year fee and perform a weird time-consuming ritual every time I update my program.

You will see the dialog above, but don't worry about it, you can make it go away by following the steps below:

If that fails and for instance you see a crash report you can do the following:

Then you can open Photosounder normally.